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Image by Sjors van Gelderen
Announcer from Piet Zwart Institute
Master Media Design & Communication: Networked Media

A one night event at Ace Teleboutique
Nieuwe Binnenweg 389A

Friday, Dec. 17th, 18:00-20:00

"Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night." Excerpt from SPEED SHOW manifest by Aram Bartholl, 2010, http://fffff.at/speed-show/

With Bartholl’s concept of the Speed Show as a point of departure, REBELHUIS was an exhibition featuring work from the Networked Media branch of the Piet Zwart Institute & CrossLab (Willem de Kooning Academy).

Based on Bartholl's concept of a Speed Show, REBELHUIS was featuring work from the Networked Media department of the Piet Zwart Institute and Cross Lab at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Hosted and inspired by Ace Teleboutique, a ‘belhuis’ located in the city centre of Rotterdam, some of the projects have worked with the technical restraints of an Internet café’s infrastructure, while others have explored its uncharted potential for alternative use, and others have probed the peculiarities of remote communication. Loosening the perimeters of Bartholl’s structure, the group has opened up the format to both on- and off-line media, live performance, telephony, installation, and software programs especially designed and installed for the occasion.

You might have missed the ice cream, chips and an overwhelmed audience, but you can still find some of the projects up and running. So, off you go!